Sindroms Magasine Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom

Sindroms Magasine Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom

Sindroms Magasine Issue #2: Yellow Sindrom

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Sindroms Yellow issue: 

The second issue, Yellow Sindrom, delves into designlifestyle and culture through the lens of ‘yellow’ feelings, such as happiness, optimism, friendship, anxiety and jealousy.

We talked to emerging artists such as Wang & Söderström, Zsofia Kollar and Le Morandine, and work with many extremely talented photographers, artists, and writers, in order to bring you a yellow emotional rollercoaster that unfolds within 182 colourful pages.

We take on topics such as the societal pressure of putting on a happy face, inappropriate jokes, emojis, junk food, blonde hair—and so much more—through conceptual, carefully curated editorials, thought pieces, and visual essays.

Do you read me? says:

“Against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s dark seasons, Sindroms shines a bright, yellow light in search for poetically narrated stories, anecdotal notes and striking images. Compared to the previous issue which paid tribute to the colour red and the love, passion, violence, risk and fury we tend to associate with it, this second issue filters the prism of reality to focus on everything yellow, and therefore the happy, the optimistic, the friendly, or the things that signal jealousy and states of anxiety.”

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About Sindroms Magasine

Sindroms Magasine is a journal of monochrome states of mind, published in print biannually. Curating its content based on specific colours, it investigates them across culture, and immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour.
The creatives behind the magasine are based in Copenhagen.

“Sindroms is a visual feast that imaginatively considers its theme colour in the realms of these visual art forms. The finished product is a crisp magazine that leaves you thinking about the colour red and all its evocations.”

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