Save your lips with these balms!

Save your lips with these balms!
January 27, 2018 Greta

Even though we are already two months into the winter season, the seriously cold days are still ahead of us. We all know the struggle of dry lips during those winter months, when the wind constantly blows cold air onto our very sensitive lips. We  therefor invite you to keep reading in order to find out about the lip balms that will make your winter lip come back to life and stay alive.

1. Le labo lip balm

 This matt, universal lip balm was launched by the well-known Le labo company in 2006. Thanks to its subtle fragrance and minimalistic packaging, it became popular at avery fast pace. This lip balm contains natural ingredients, such as shea butter, olive- and jojoba oil. The result is a unisex and irresistible product. The main plus is that it is not sticky at all. Good news for the no-makeup-look people out there, because this one is unpigmented. Hence the perfect gadget for your lips to survive the winter season and you still looking natural.

2. Carmex

In 1937 Alfred Woelbring invented the Carmex lip balm and started its production as a family business. For 20 years, him and his wife were manufacturing and packing them into the recognizable yellow packaging. No doubt, this brand might be one of the most loved and popular ones in the industry. And this is no surprise, as it is really effective and has a pleasant smell and with a really nice texture. Additionally,  it is accessible pretty much everywhere. You can find it in most  beauty shops, but a few of their products are only available online or abroad.

3. Glossier

Currently their products can not be ordered online but be purchased in the UK. However, we are confident that it will be available soon, since Europe is in love with this lovely brand and cute products. Glossier was not aiming to build up a brand, but to start a world-wide beauty movement celebrating  real women. Their lipbalm’s ingredients are antioxidants and natural smoothing materials to give a long-lasting hydration to your skin. Due to  its waxy texture, it will stay in place and provide full protection for your lippies.


4. Tromborg

Tromborg is an organic and natural danish brand, one of our favorite! Their simple and original lip balm is a beneficial  treat containing shea butter, aloe vera and orange oil – for softening, regenerating and protective effect. Perfect on its own or mixed up with your  lipstick. The product is completely neutral and gives a natural shine to the lips. It is found in a small, 15 ml container that you can fit anywhere.

5. Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice Lip&Body Treatment Balm is not meant to be used only on your lips! You can put it on anywhere you feel the need of hydration. You’re going to be surprised how long this balm lasts for! The big plus here, is that it does not only treat but also heals the damage caused by the low temperatures. Especially for those of us with the hyper sensitive lips. The rich texture doesn’t feel too oily, nor too heavy, the balm is fragrance- and pigment free and has not been tested on animals. Daily application, especially at night, will make your lips thank you forever.


We hope that our article helped you to protect your lips properly and to shine even during the cold winter days!