Ultimate sneaker buying guide

Ultimate sneaker buying guide
August 8, 2017 Thomas Gresty

Let’s talk sneakers, kicks, tennis shoes, trainers, or whichever other term you like to use to describe your shoes worn almost on a daily basis (am I right?) to level up or, sometimes, destroy your outfit.

This article is by no chance written to tell you which brand to buy or which sneakers we at UPTOSTYLE wear and why you should do too; in fact we are not even going to write what sneakers we wore today or which pair that are on our bucket list, but all we want is for you not ending up paying for the wrong pair, or feeling unarmed when the sales guy puts pressure on you while trying his Must Have Pair on.

As there are many experts and articles on what kind of running shoes you should buy or what kind of shoes you should wear at the gym, we have decided to drop you an ultimate guideline on how to buy the coolest sneakers and how to make the most of them.

Do’s – consider these three…

1.When trying the pair on, walk on as many surfaces as possible in the store

This is an absolute number one. Some shoe stores use carpets on the ground that make you feel comfortable straight from when you try the desired freshest pair, but that is not the most common surface you use your sneakers on, so it does not reveal the real walking experience. Therefore please make that extra step and find a hard surface while deciding whether the shoes really are a good idea.

2. Consider Outfits

As we all know, shoes have the potential to light your entire outfit up, but also to mismatch the style you are going for. As you are in that rush of blood to the head indecisive moment, we highly recommend you to think through the choice of colours and materials you are planning to wear with those shoes. If your shoes are the centrepiece of your wardrobe, the ultimate advice is to make your outfit as plain as possible and your shoes will shine for you.

3. Consider them getting dirty

As you try to avoid all the small puddles and muddy pavements during the first week of wearing your new pair of kicks, we would like to remind you that most of us will eventually fail this mission very soon. Not to suggest that you should wear a pair of black shoes for the rest of your life, but rather be prepared to make peace with your snow white sneakers becoming, well, greyish if you are not planning to rigorously clean and avoid crowds and nature.

Don’ts – please, check these before buying

1. “But I need this particular pair of socks with my new trainers”

It is kinda understandable to desire to wear a certain pair of socks with your smart shoes, but will you do it day in and day out? Do not settle if the reality is they’ll only fit when wearing two pairs of socks/ anything even more inconvenient. Comfort goes hand in hand with style so if your feet slide in your shoes, I would highly recommend you look at a different pair.

2.  Online unauthorised websites

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save a dime, as student discount (or any other discounts really) are rare on the newest pair of shoes, but do not limit yourself by excluding all online shopping. Simply if the site only accepts payment via Moneygram or Western Union, there is a small chance you will ever get a tracking number for the price of 39€ insted of 100€. 
In other words, the shoes either will not come or if they come you might be requested for tax or V.A.T from the customs, or they may come in cheap quality. We beg you not to spend your money and keep this fraud appealing more fellow shoppers. 

3. Trying just one shoe on

Are you ready to hear a list of reasons why people often have one foot larger than the other one?
Okay, maybe some other time. Anyways, the hint from this one is to try to put both shoes on as you are in the store buying shoes, and if you only try one shoe on, go for the larger foot. This way you will not end up with sore feet just because you did not expect the other foot feeling so tight.

Hopefully this small sneaker buying guide helped you to make the best decisions and to get the best pair of kickers. Your perfect pair may be different according to your lifestyle, age or preference, but if you really eager for an idea of where online to get shoes (which will surely arrive) then check out this pages!