Towards a more sustainable life

with Memobottle

Towards a more sustainable life
June 14, 2019 Barbora

Feel like making a change but also kind of lazy? We’ve got you covered with Memobottle!

One thing we truly strive for is combining minimalist design with sustainable materials which last and that is a combination you cannot find that easily.

Lately, we have been head over heels with Memobottle. Thumbs up for this Australian-based team who decided to take action and lead a social movement to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles.

We are guilty and so are you. One of the most urgent issues still remains plastic pollution. Plastic is the most overused material and we should limit our usage as much as possible. You can see it yourself every day; plastic bottles, packaging, cutlery, bags… There is a lot which can be done to improve our not-so-good plastic situation, so why not start with beating the single-use water bottle consumption once for all?

Looking for a bigger challenge?

Perhaps you can go even further and reconsider your overall lifestyle. Sustainability, a trend which is gradually turning into a lifestyle. The recent appeal on zero-waste and products which last have created a certain push within various communities which have also affected fashion and lifestyle brands. But being sustainable is not only about prolonging the life of the things we own, but it is also mainly about what products we seek in the first place.

There is no doubt that sustainability and minimalism go hand in hand – which is somewhat logical and somewhat hidden. If sustainability focuses on quality materials which can last a lifetime, minimalism pressures the redundancy of owning quantities and highlights the bare necessities. Simply put, where buying less meets buying better.

In recent years the term “fast consumer goods” became not only a negative buzzword but an actual problem, which is especially critical in cultures like the United States or China. By getting rid of this attitude towards products you can help with limiting the environmental impact. We can consider Scandinavia and Japan, for the cradle of the minimalist approach, despite their differences.

No hard feelings

Leading a minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle can seem tough in the beginning, but it is rather simple. It is all about the right products you buy and two things you should consider are the purpose and material of the product.

Why not start with something so important but so underrated as drinking regime. Thanks to its unique flat design with only subtle transparent engraved logo, it adds to your style and lifestyle.  The minimal design makes Memobottle your signature accessory, which is also sustainable.

And we cannot forget to mention the social impact. Memobottle, as a frequent donator for an NGO, guarantees that one person will be provided 2 months’ access to clean water with every bottle sold.

While one size does not fit all, Memobottle comes in different sizes. With its convenient compact design, it fits perfect for any bag and saves space for other items. This makes it the perfect bottle for you whether you are a frequent traveler, busy student or just always on the go.

Talking about sustainable materials, this bottle is also BPA free. BPA is a chemical often used in packaging products and is being released into the content of the container. This has been found to have negative health effects and also affects the taste of the water.

The Memomobottle is not only a visually tastier choice but also the healthier one.

Even a small step is a move forward. Just think about it and hydrate responsibly.

 Text: Barbora Novomeska

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