Michaela L Taylor

Michaela L Taylor

Photographer & Copywriter

Our minimal enthusiast photographer and copywriter from the other side of the globe.

A Canadian born and bred minimal enthusiast.Currently residing in Sydney, Australia; the weekends find Michaela at her favourite local coffee shop. Soy Mocha in one hand, Fuji XT-2 in the other.
She enjoys observing people. A good salty spray. A cheeky mango. A spontaneous shopping adventure at the nearest thrift shop. An afternoon spent dabbling in watercolours.

If you become her friend, don’t be surprised if she turns the day into a spontaneous photo shoot, makes you eat your food cold or asks you to lay in the middle of a parking lot for a shot.

Her grid; a space to document her appreciation for all things minimal. Minimalism isn’t just a theme for instagram; less is always more.