The trendiest ugly sneakers of the season!

Taking over the streets!

The trendiest ugly sneakers of the season!- Taking over the streets!
March 28, 2018 Reka

Ugly sneakers are having the time of their lives: they appear in fashion weeks, on catwalks, and even on iconic fashion bloggers feet. Not only that, but the biggest fashion maisons like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Rick Owens are representatives of the ugly sneakers as they introduced them to their higher class audience. There are those that pay out crazy prices for these sneakers with the right brand stamped on them.


The “ugly trend” has still not come as a surprise. Think about all uniquely ugly sweatshirts which spread through everyone’s social media Christmas feed in 2017. They were not an awful mistake from grandma, but a well thought through outfit.

The ugly sneakers did not gain popularity due to the great pattern or unusual shapes. No, it was more about making a statement of how to stand out of the crowd with a pair of unique and non-mainstream shoes. Well, you might wonder, is it worth the weird starring and smiles to stand out from the mass fashion? Yes, nowadays more people are tending to take the risk in order to have a unique outfit. This is proof that beauty is subjective.

Although, there is a huge difference between ‘ugly’ and ‘tasteless’ pieces, as they create a completely different silhouette and have different reactions to the environment. The ‘ugly’ style might go against normal expectations and actual fashion trends. It might not seem esthetic at first sight, although it has a special and interesting point. Last but not least, it’s a conscious outfit choice of uniqueness.

On the contrary, ‘tasteless’ clothing is aiming for following the trends and fitting to social norms, but the tools are not right, nor is it used in the proper way. Sometimes the person wearing it has no idea about it since it is about following a trend and fitting in. Yet, it is a disaster and everyone knows about it apart from the person wearing it.  

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Now, we gathered the newest, coolest, chunkiest and most hyped ugly sneakers for you:

 So, these are the ugly sneakers, which could be a perfect accessory either for an extravagant outfit or a casual everyday wear – but only wear them if you’re a 100% sure about them though!